Friday, January 20, 2012

Transfer Day

Our embryos are finally home… where they belong.

After blood work this morning we took a walk in the hills above the CCRM office. We did a bit of shopping, had lunch, did our scentless, soapless showers and relaxed before the transfer.

Here I am meditating in my Think Positive embryo shirt – the same one I wore before our last (successful!) transfer with Cooper.


We’re excited and all ready to hopefully expand our family.


I was nervous in the transfer room but we played our hypnosis scripts and visualized our embryos surviving the thaw and ready to come home.


On the wall in front of me was a birch tree painting which reminded me instantly of my mom. I felt her presence in the room and knew that she would be with me during the transfer.


I held Dave’s hand and in the other I held this rock – the same “good luck rock” we had since we were trying with Cooper. My mom and dad held on to it the last time for us and today we brought it with us for good luck.


Our embryologist John Stevens (the miracle worker, and the same embryologist we had with Cooper) wheeled in our embryos in their fancy high tech mobile home, dimmed the lights and we got started.

I’m happy to report that both embryos survived the thaw without any damage, wear or tear. We were so relieved!

Dr. Gustofson transferred 2 embryos (one 4AA and one 4BA). The 4BA embryo which was frozen on day 6 two and a half months ago started expanding a bit upon being thawed, the other one (which was frozen on day 5) was also very healthy but didn’t expand in the dish this morning after it was thawed which is perfectly fine as well.


The transfer was a little hairy at first until Dr. Gustafson did a couple practice transfers to navigate my tricky cervix, but the embryos were loaded in with no problem in the end. Here we are moments after the transfer. We rested at CCRM for an hour, they wheeled me in a wheelchair down to the car and got me laying flat, and now home (at the hotel) on 48 hours bed rest.


And the moment you’ve all been waiting for – our 2 perfect embryos!!

The one on the left is the advanced expanded blast and the one on the right is the advanced blast (that looks just like Cooper!)


I can hardly believe it –

We are PUPO with twins!!
(Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise)


Linda said...

I am so happy that your embabies are now where they belong, nestling in your cushy uterus! Looking at your pics brings back wonderful memories of my own successful transfer. :) PUPO with twins! How fantastic is that?! Wishing you all that is wonderful! xoxo

Ashley said...

YAY PUPO! We are all so excited for you Lisa and Dave! We are sending you love and happy positive thoughts. Love Ashley (and everyone)

Anonymous said...

Best of luck, I have been following your journey and will pray for you. We are pregnant with our first after 3 previous failed cycles, seeing others journeys has really helped. Can't wait to hear the news!

justagirl-Krista said...

Best wishes! Can't wait for the results!

Bekki said...

Wonderful just wonderful - I feel good vibes about this!

Kimber said...

You look radiant!! Yay for you and Dave and your embies! I am trying to learn all your acronyms - thanks for the glossary. Fingers and toes crossed...

Anonymous said...

Strong looking embryos! Look promising! Praying for twins!
Any symptoms yet ? Keeping my fingers crossed😃