Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pregnancy Symptoms -- Before Beta Test

And just because we can't help ourselves...

No matter how hard we may try not to obsess during our two week waits...

I have posted a complete list of pregnancy symptoms during my 2ww, starting with the day of my 5 day transfer:

Transfer Day - BED REST all day. No symptoms. A little sore and tired.

1dp5dt – achiness in ovaries, lower back pain. Probably from the bed rest. BED REST

2dp5dt – sharp, brief pain in left nipple early in the morning. Tired. Achy lower back. Slow, strong pulsating heartbeat. Indigestion, a bit of gas. (also ate Mexican today), a little bit nauseous. Some tingly breast pains (left breast) in the evening. OUT OF BED, BUT JUST MOVING SLOWLY AROUND THE HOTEL ROOM.

3dp5dt – Soreness in the abdomen late in the day.
Overnight – woke up with wave of nausea (about 5 mins). Happened twice. TRAVEL DAY.

4dp5dt - Tender ovaries/abdomen area. A little crampy (like period but not quite). Easily tired. Can just feel something down there – a heaviness. Hot flashes. FIRST DAY HOME. BACK TO NORMAL ACTIVITY, EXCEPT FOR THE LIFTING AND EXCERCISE RESTRICTION.

5dp5dt – Nothing for most of the day. Crampy, heavy, tender feeling in abdomen (Feels kind of like period is coming). Hot flashes.

6dp5dt – Constipated. A funny steel-taste in my mouth. Tender, crampy abdomen – almost like a tightening, tugging, uncomfortable feeling. No nausea, but the feeling that comes after you barf, just a yucky feeling. A feeling that “I think I’m pregnant” – so much so that I said it out loud. A tickly breathing sensation. Extremely tried. A pulsing in my stomach, slow and steady. Thirsty.

7dp5dt – No symptoms all morning. No symptoms afternoon/evening, except being tired. Worried that I was wrong.

8dp5dt – Woke up in morning, still no symptoms. Felt so strongly that something was happening a few days ago, and now nothing. Dull ache in ovaries. Tired. Extremely tired in afternoon. No feeling in stomach though. Thirsty and a slight headache.

9dp5dt – Blood test morning. No symptoms really in the morning. About 10 minutes of cramps that felt like period cramps. Watery Pink Spotting at 2pm. Worried if this is my period. More pink watery spotting at 3pm. Some more period cramps. A little nausea and heartburn. BETA #1 came back 193!!!

10dp5dt – Spacey feeling, Blurred, vision, a little dizzy. Very tired.

11dp5dt - Dull Period-like cramps. Nothing else to speak of. BETA #2 came back at 385! It doubled exactly!

12dp5dt- Slightly tender breasts, headache, dull period cramps, tired.

And here is a link to my blog, from the symptoms I recorded before my first pregnancy for comparision. I know we all try not to obsess, but who am I kidding, it's all we do. I know everyone is different, but you might as well have some real symptoms to compare yours to:

GOOD LUCK to everyone out there who is waiting on your beta. I know it's hard, but try to remember, it's out of your hands. You've done the best that you can do. And whatever the outcome, you should be proud of yourself.

I am sending out a virtual blanket of hugs, blessings and miracles to every single one of you.


Anonymous said...

I have followed your blog since early November when I was in the the 2ww and was immediately compelled to read all your past entries. I am too trying very desperately for a second child after what seemed to be an endless battle to conceive #1. After that cycle failed and current RE told me to give up, I remembered reading your history and decided to give CCRM some thought for a final attempt. At least if it doesn't work out I can say I gave it my all. I am so thrilled for you & your family! Thanks for helping me to have the courage I need to go on. I wish you a very healthy pregnancy. I agree though to just be happy in the moment. You brought tears to my eyes, cause I remember how ecstatic I was with my first pregnancy. As much as I am sure most women are happy, for those of us faced with infertility it really is an indescribable feeling. All the best! I hope to come back in a few months to post my success as well! Sincerely, Felicia

The new beginnings said...

I'm 37 years old and still my husband and I have yet to make a baby. We both come from very spiritual families who both believe that there's only one way to bear a child and that is naturally. It saddens me to think that my husband and I will not succeed in having a baby anytime soon especially in the conventional way. Your blogs made me really think about other options.

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