Sunday, November 30, 2008

2WW BFP Symptoms

For all those ladies out there who wonder, each and every single month, who scour the internet looking for clues as to whether or not their cycle worked, I can finally post my symptoms for you! Because God knows I have done my fair share of obsessing in the past, and driven myself absolutely crazy. This is for all those women, who are wondering what my symptoms were so you can compare them to your own, I hope this post is helpful. And I hope you all get your BFP's too!

1dp5dt - Bedrest, no symptoms

2dp5dt - Bestrest, constipated, had one small anxiety attack.

3dp5dt - Constipated, another anxiety attack, tender ovaries

4dp5dt - Constipated, lower back cramps, tender ovaries

5dp5dt - lower back Twinges, AF cramps, felt like I was getting a cold, tender ovaries.

6dp5dt - Major AF cramps and PMS -- swore she was on her way.

7dp5dt - AF cramps, extremely tired, hormonal surges, felt like I would get period any second.

8dp5dt - AF cramps went away, my body temperature felt extremely cold, I couldn't get warm enough under blankets, bloated and gassy stomach, legs and feet felt achy, strong heart-beat and pulsing sensation throughout my body, extremely thirsty, slightly tender boobs.

9dp5dt - lower middle cramps in abdomen, indigestion, cold and hot flashes, nervous butterflies, breathing felt tickly, strong pulsing sensation throughout body, dull pressure below belly button like someone was pushing on it or I ate a big meal. Peed on HTP, and got a positive but faint line. Beta test came back 151.

10dp5dt - Thirsty, indigestion, pressure on lower abdomen, strong heart beat and pulse, a few sharp pains in sides and stomach, AF cramps back, tender boobs, peed on HTP and line was same as reference line.

11dp5dt - Bright pink bleeding when I wiped but it went away within a few hours, a few cramps, not many other symptoms, peed on HTP and line was darker than reference line. 2nd Beta was 375 today.

12dp5dt - Lower abdominal pressure, AF like cramps, slightly tender breasts. A little watery pink spotting.

GOOD LUCK!!! I will be praying and hoping for all of you.


Just Another Infertile said...

Wow Lisa! This is quite a list. I love all the details. Did you write them down somewhere as they were happening or does your mind just work like that? I remember every little thing too.

I hope to be able to compare my symptoms to your's sooner rather than later.

I'm so happy for you!

Emily said...

I was hoping you would post something like this! Thank you!

MamaSoon said...

Sounds like you are well on your way!

Can you please help me out by recommending some outings when were are in Denver? The weather has turned but we still want to get the best of the area. Can you recommend a restaurant or two too? I am hoping all my fellow ccrmers will come share their advice. I need ideas to keep my mind off the cycle. :-)

sweetpeanme said...

Yay for REAL symptoms!! I've certainly imagined my share of glad you get to actually experience them!!!
Dumb question...what does 10dp5dt mean? I'm figuring "ten days past five something..." not sure about the "dt"...sorry I'm a bit new to this blogging thing. :o)

Ashley said...

That is very helpful:) Thanks for the comment on my blog! I know I don't know you but I am so incredibly happy for you!!! You are in my prayers

Lisa said...

Just another infertile -- he he. I wrote it down starting at 6dp, so I remembered everything really well :)

MamaSoon - I'll give you a link for some recommendations when in Denver for sure! i'll post something on your blog.

Sweetpeanme -- Yep, you got it. It means 10 days past a five day transfer. If you have a 3 day transfer just do the math to adjust it. Or if you are doing IUI's or natural, just add the numbers together -- 10dp5td, would be 15days past ovulation :)

Nikki said...

I swear this time I'm going to keep a list too. Every time I go "Did this happen last time?"

( Of course at the same time, I don't want to have a list so I can compare with it ANOTHER time!!!)

But yay - you're on your way!! Congrats again!!

sweetpeanme said...

Thanks for clearing that up! Congrats again!!

shawnandlarissa said...

I've been following your blog and just wanted to pop in with a huge congrats. I wish you a happy and healthy 9 months!!!


Jill said...

Thanks for sharing. Congrats again!

Lost in Space said...

A great addition for the baby book!! Congrats again, Lisa!

Clio said...

I am so excited for you!!! congratulations on your pregnancy!
I like your list of symptoms. Like Lost in Space said, great addition to the baby's book.
Have a happy and healthy pregnancy!

Anonymous said...

Wow........ Lisa my hearty congratulations to you.I am getting hope with your success.Thank you so much for the blog,it is very helpfull.Enjoy each and every moment of your pergnancy, you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

hi this is my first ivf cycle after three kids from another marriage. I am 5 days post morula transfer, and had pink spotting when I WIPED, only, and strong stomach cramps tonight. could it be implantation bleeding or should that have happened sooner? i am of an older age and they said that we had hardly any chance of success. I had 9 mature eggs on retrieval and 8 fertilised.

neptune princess said...

Tomorrow I am supposed to get blood work. I have had some of the symptoms that other ladies are experincing that turned out with BFP during this 2ww. I just though started experiencing them more in the past few days:

left-sided nagging pain
girls are tender
mild lower back pain
today woke up and went to bathroom and noticed light pink when I wiped

I am kinda thinking this could be AF. This is my second marriage and I am 45. My husband is same age. We did injections with trigger and IUI. The nurse did say that most probably the second round will be the charm. I am also on progesterone. RIght now seeing the pink that I have has my nervous. My first two pregnancies I had low progesterone and actually bled with both pregnancies and had to go on bed rest. I also had a miscarriage before I got pregnant the first time. So I am a unique situation I guess. Right now I am praying!