Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Eggshausted and Eggcited!

Cooking eggs takes a lot out of a girl!

Not to mention fainting, barfing, needles, bloodtests, and another full day of appointments. I'm completely wiped out. My stomach is hard and bloated, and we're both getting ready to be done with this.

But I'm happy to announce that after the awful day I had yesterday, I didn't give up. I climbed right back up on the horse, stared fear in the face, and took my nightly needles.

My numbers came in last night, and based on how things are progressing, Dr. Schoolcraft lowered my dose to 150 Gonal F but kept the 2 amps of menopur, along with the antagon the same.

E2 - 2477
P4 - 0.7
LH - 1
Left Ovary - 5 over 10, 2 less than 10
Right Ovary - 12 over 10, 3 less than 10
Average Follicle Size -- 14mm
Leading Follicle -- 19mm

And this morning I was right back at it. Another bloodtest first thing this morning to measure my levels. I was shaky this morning, my confidence was shattered after yesterday, but I made myself proud and once again stepped through my fear.

We got to CCRM today at 9:45am and didn't get out of there until 3:15pm -- 5.5 hours! Talk about a marathon. I felt like I was at my one-day work-up all over again. It was a long day but but it was a good day. We had an appointment with Dr. Minjarez, spoke to our nurse, spoke to the counselor, Dave gave his back-up sample, we did a walk through of the surgery room, signed consents, and prepared the nurses for our surgery and anesthesiologist needs.

We finally got home, completely exhausted, and got a call from our nurse with today's numbers.

E2 - 3211
P4 - 0.9
LH - 0.4
Left Ovary - 7 over 10, 1 less than 10
Right Ovary - 12 over 10, 3 less than 10
Average Follicle Size -- 16mm
Leading Follicle -- 23mm

And get this -- our nurse just called about our dosage for tonight and it turns out we are TRIGGERING!!! I thought it would be another day or two, but here we are already. Our trigger shot is scheduled for 10pm tonight, which makes our egg retrevial Thursday at 9am.

I am SOOO scared about this trigger shot tonight. We have always used ovidrel to trigger in the past, thus avoiding the scary IM injection. But tonight there is no getting around it. Dave says he's all practised up and ready, and the nurse drew a bulls-eye on my hip, exactly where he needs to give this sucker.

We can't believe it's all finally happening!! After 24 nights of needles, tonight is the last one!

We're scared, exhausted, and excited.



Anniep said...

Woah! So nice they gave you a tour of the surgery area... was it good to have talked w/ the counsellor chick?

My only tip for David is to just stab the needle in, don't poke-and-push. The 'poke' method hurts way more. Triggers suck, it's just not right for a needle that big to go anywhere in my body, not to mention in my butt!

babydust81 said...

Hi Lisa...

After all the scare that you have been through, the pain and heart ache... now is the time. You are finally having that final shot. All the best girl. I am praying for from across the continent. May this be the one for you and Dave. After this, make sure you get plenty of rest and think positive.

Well I know it is easier said than done as I myself go hay wire sometimes.

You take care. I am sure you are in good hands with the brs and nurses there and with Dave by your side, you are definitely in good hands...

All the best dearie...

musicmakermomma said...

I have been following your journey, so sorry about your crappy day yesterday - but kudos on pushing through to get the job done! You are amazing, and David too. Can you ice the area before the trigger shot? I used donor eggs so I didn't trigger, but the ice makes those nasty PIO shots just nothing for me. I will be thinking of you tonight - good luck!!!!

trish said...

Hey Lisa - I still remember you in grade 2 being afraid of needles. You've come a long way little girl!!

You have been through so much, thank you for having the courage to share your story. I am so glad to have 're-found' you.

Stay strong Lis, keep your eye on the goal.


DAVs said...

I'm glad you get to trigger so soon! That's awesome! Happy triggering, hoping for loads of wonderful eggs.

Emily said...

You are a strong and amazing woman! It always awe inspiring to me what each of us overcome on our journey to parenthood.

Yay for trigger! Enjoy your med free day tomorrow - although day after trigger is my least favorite day of the entire process - YUCK!

Your stim checks sound great!!! I am looking forward to all kinds of good news from you!

Jill Hoven said...

Good luck!! I wish you health, happiness, and prosperity (especially in the baby-making department). I'm thinking of you and Dave...

Nikki said...

You're probably about to trigger in about 8 minutes from now! Good luck and I'm hoping for a painless easy shot.

All the very best to you!

Linda said...

You are an amazing woman, Lisa. You can do anything! I'm looking forward to hearing how many eggies you get!! :)

Sue said...

Yay!! You triggered! I had hoped to write before you did and tell you the trigger shot is NOTHING. It is tiny and doesn't hurt and this was the first time I did that particular shot too (though I have done the dreaded PIO). I am sure you did great! So, just bw this morning and your ER tomorrow. It will be fabulous! remember how incredible the drugs they give you for ER are!!! it is delightful:-)

MamaSoon said...

This is great news! You are on your way. I am glad to hear that you are ready to trigger. Only one shot left!

Go Dave! You'll be singing Pat Benatar's Hit Me with Your Best Shot tonight!

I am so happy for you. So what will you do tomorrow with your day off stims?

Anonymous said...

Hi my Lisa Lou!
So proud of You, Of course I alsways have been. Lots of prayers and positive thoughts going your's and David way. Consider yoursself hugged!
Aunt Ollie xo