Thursday, November 6, 2008

Infertility And The Bamboo Tree

Life is often like the Chinese bamboo tree.

It can be discouraging and challenging and filled with despair. We do everything we can, we do everything right, we try our hardest and our best, yet nothing happens. And we wonder if all our hard work will ever pay off. But it's when life seems it's most unbearable, that we must persist, believe, and have faith.

And while this road is filled with heartache, road blocks, sorrow, and frustration -- it is also filled with the lesson of patience, courage, faith and hope. And that with hope, all things are possible.

So today I will hold onto hope. And I will wait, patiently for my bamboo seed to take root, and to hopefully, finally --


Click here to watch the inspiring story of the bamboo tree.


Christi said...

gorgeous picture

Nikki said...

So true! So very true - we so often want to throw up our hands in frustration because the human mind seeks instant gratification. The human mind seeks control.

Such a beautiful analogy with IF this video had, right? Only my bamboo seed is taking longer than 5 years :-)

But I still hope. For you (your time is perfect!) and me, and all the others waiting out there.

Hugs to you. How's it going with the shots?

Jill said...

Hi Lisa-Just wanted you to know how much I'm rooting for you. I'm glad my story can give you hope. I've got my fingers crossed for a great ER coming up next week for you at CCRM. Good luck!

MamaSoon said...

are you doing cgh? how is the cycle going? sending good vibes!