Wednesday, November 12, 2008

10 Reasons To Be Thankful

1. I survived my trigger needle last night.

2. I have finished taking the last IVF needle I will ever take.

3. My eggs are growing strong inside me for one last night.

4. CCRM has been so good to me, and handled my care with detail and compassion.

5. Even though we've still yet to meet the infamous Dr. Schoolcraft, he has managed my protocol with great skill and attention.

6. We have wonderful family and friends who are rooting for us and sending positive vibes our way.

7. At this time tomorrow, my surgury will be over and the worst will officially be behind me.

8. Tomorrow afternoon my eggs will be fertilized with Dave's sperm and we will have embryos growing in a lab!

9. We were able to come up with the resources to go through this process with the best fertility clinic in the country and give ourselves one last shot.

10. No matter what happens with our cycle from this point forward -- we still have each other.


Nikki said...

Amen to that sister! And no matter what, you know you did your best, and went beyond what you thought you were capable of. No stone left unturned, no spot on the belly left uninjected ;-)

Good luck for your ER tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Grow, grow, grow little eggs!

Good luck, Lisa and Dave!

DAVs said...

I'm glad you have so many good things!
I only *wish* I had felt the same compassion at CCRM...yes, I'm still bitter over the no-call ever. But, they're on top of everything else, that's for sure! Hoping for only the best!

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

You will "still have each other" was so touching. Wishing your miracle comes true.

babydust81 said...

All the best Lisa for the surgery tomorrow. I guess if wwe do sit down and think about it, there are many things to be thankful for.

Yes both you and Dave have been through so much and at the end of the day no matter what the results are (I am praying that it will be a positive one for you), be comforted that you have done all you possibly could that is within your reach and you still have each other's love and support.

Take care and rest well after your surgery.

Emily said...

Great list! GL!!!