Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day-3 Embryo Report

Well, it looks like we are doing a Day-5 transfer!

Dave spoke with our embryologist this morning and got an update about how our little embryos are doing. We were happy to learn that CCRM gives much more detailed information about the embryos than our old clinic, as it's always nice to know exactly what you are up against.

So without further ado, here's our report:

Out of our first batch of our original 11 Embryos, we have 8 left, 5 being great chances, and 3 that still have a chance to catch up.
Embryo #1: 8 Cells, Grade 4
Embryo #2: 8 Cells, Grade 4-
Embryo #3: 8 Cells, Grade 4-
Embryo #4: 8 Cells, Grade 4-
Embryo #5: 8 Cells, Grade 4-
Embryo #6: 6 Cells, Grade 4
Embryo #7: 6 Cells, Grade 4-
Embryo #8: 6 Cells, Grade 3+
Embryo #9: 5 Cells, Grade 3+, ARRESTING
Embryo #10: 4 Cells, Grade 3+, ARRESTING
Embryo #11: 2 Cells, ARRESTED

1. First, they grade the Number of Cells - They want the embryos to be between 6-10 cells, 8 cells being perfect.
2. Next, they grade the Fragmentation of the Embryo -- Which is the debris left behind as the cells divide. They grade fragmentation as follows:

4 : 0% fragmentation
4- : less than 10% fragmentation
3+ : less than 20% fragmentation
3 : less than 30% fragmentation
3- : less than 40% fragmentation
2+ : less than 50% fragmentation
2 : less than 60% fragmentation
2- : less than 70% fragmentation
1+ : less than 80% fragmentation
1 : less than 90% fragmentation
1- : 100% fragmentation

Out of our second batch of our 5 New Embryos, we have all 5 left that are within range to continue to develop and grow. They like to see them between 2 and 6 cells on day-two, with 4 being perfect.
Embryo #1: 5 cells
Embryo #2: 4 cells
Embryo #3: 4 cells
Embryo #4: 4 cells
Embryo #5: 2 cells

Our embryo transfer will be scheduled for Tuesday, and we won't get another call between now and then. We will show up on our transfer day and get our new update on the spot and hope that we have some good blastocysts to transfer.

We're excited, but also nervous, because in the past we have always had good looking embryos on Day 3, but they always started to slow down and arrest on Day's 4 & 5. But our biggest problem, is that we've never had an embryo go from the Day-4 morula stage to the Day-5 blastocyst stage. So we are on pins and needles hoping, that this time, some of our little EM-BABIES will make it.

In the meantime, all we can do is try to put it out of our heads.

And wait.

Did I mention the waiting NEVER ends??


Nikki said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your em-babies grow well and you have plenty on Tuesday for transfer!

Good luck Lisa - this is looking so exciting! I have a very good feeling for you!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great news, you guys!!!!!!

I believe CCRM uses those low-pressure incubators for the growth period...which SRM does not, at least not yet. They just installed them.

I was told that "the difference in success rates between the two [regular incubator VS low pressure one} was so significant that we couldn't ignore it".

I guess for you, that means that those ems have a much better chance of making it to day 5 because for the first time they are in a low oxygen enviroment more similar to the womb. That might make the difference for you guys!

Agin, hope is one thing but it sounds like there's some concrete, scientific proof that things might be different this time.

Crossing my fingers for you both!

Annie in Seattle

Amy in Pickering said...

Hi Lisa and Dave,

Still following, or lurking as they say in cyberland, your blog. Sending you positive vibes every step of the way!!!


Anonymous said...

just wonderful news.

Emily said...

Such great news!!! Look at all those grade 4's. You have some beauties, for sure! I am sending them all kinds of "blastie" dust ;)

MamaSoon said...

That rocks. very happy for you.

Go embies, go embies, go!

No wonder the denver broncos won today! Just good news over there.

katrina said...

SUCH good numbers right now!
I can't believe there are no updates until the day you go in, I'd be wanting to hear all about them. But maybe it's better.
Poor you having to sit and wonder till Tuesday.

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Go embies go!

Polly Gamwich said...

Wowza ... that's amazing! You got some good lookin em-babies there sister!

I hope you're finding all sorts of things to keep you occupied until Tuesday morning!

Man, you don't get to find out the report until you walk in on Tues? Talk about suspenseful!

Yay for going from 11 to 16!!! Woo hoo!!

Karen MEG said...

Hi Lisa, I think I stumbled here while googling for IVF drug protocols. I have a blog and have chronicled my infertility journey from time to time, but a lot of the fine detail I have forgotten (or perhaps even banished from my mind, honestly).

I've just read a few of your last posts and just wanted to comment that this is awesome news. Your embryos are great!!!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will work for you and your husband. and wish you all the best.


Linda said...

I am so happy for you! It looks like you're going to have lots of choose from and possibly some siblings later on!!! :)


Anniep said...

Lookin' good! Can I dare hope for some frosties?!
Wouldn't that be something!
Gotta love the lab... they rock.

sedna paws said...

Aunt Helen says

been thinking and praying big time...and by the sounds of it you are doing beautifully...despite the barfies!

Lots of love to both of you today, tomorrow and always ... especially those em's waiting you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
We are in the same boat as you.we had 2 failed ivf/icsi cycles.(Poor morphology,poor egg quality).We never see blasts in our cycles.we had day3 transfer in our first cycle and early blast,morula transfer on day 5.I am very curious to know your result and also crossing my fingers for you.
All the best and plenty of baby dust on you.