Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's A New Day!

Why does sunshine always make us feel better? And combine that with clear blue skies, fresh mountain air, and things start to look like a whole new day.

This morning, we decided to head out and clear our heads. So we drove up to Boulder, and walked along the trendy Pearl street. It wasn't long before being out in the fresh mountain air started to make me feel better. The surgery was behind me, all the needles finished, and it was a beautiful day.
And then, it got even better!

One of the embryologists called to report the best possible news I could imagine. Of the five additional eggs that they ICSI'd, all of them fertilized and grew overnight -- OH MY GOD! So that means we have 5 additional embryos growing -- for a total of 16!!!!

Imagine me with my jaw hanging open and my hands shaking with joy. I was so stunned I could barely beleive it. I had no hope that any would fertilize, let alone all 5! I feel so extremely lucky. And it has completely erased my guilt and worry. And now, I'm back on track, mentally and emotionally. No more beating myself up! I did everything I could. I triggered on the right day. I listened to my gut and called about our immature eggs. And we got 5 extra embryos!

Things have never looked better.

Okay, yes, I'm up and down more than a yo-yo on steroids. I do realize this. I'm not crazy, really, it's just how it is in IVF-land. The highs and lows never stop. Today I'm on a high again. But I know that there are more lows to come. It's just how it is -- this rollercoaster keeps us upside down and back around again, all within hours, days, and weeks. When we're low, we're so low that we don't think we will ever get off the ground. And when we are high, we are over the moon. Still, we know, that it's all part of a process, a long long road, with only one answer at the end.

But for now, we are truly counting our blessings, and more hopeful than ever.

So we continued on with our day, and drove toward Estes Park and The Rocky Mountain National Park with a renewed sense of hope. We talked, we laughed, and we took in the beauty around us.

The scenery was amazing. There is something about being in the mountains that makes you feel so alive. They are so majestic and brilliant and make you feel like anything is possible.

And today, we believe it is!

So tonight we go to sleep filled with hope once again, and wondering what tomorrow will bring. We will be getting a call with our Day 3 Embryo report in the morning -- and aren't sure what will happen. We could be doing our transfer as early as tomorrow morning, or not until Tuesday. We are really hoping for a day 5 transfer, but for once, we aren't going to sweat it.

We'll find out soon enough :)


Nikki said...

Oh that is fantastic news Lisa! I'm so glad you made that phone call! I'm going to keep that in mind as I head out there next month as well.

I'm sending prayers and good positive vibes for your growing embryos and wishing you a great day 3 report tomorrow!

Hugs and good luck!!

MamaSoon said...

I am so excited just reading your post. So happy for you!! This is EXCELLENT news. congratulations. :-D Can't wait to read tomorrow's new. Good luck!

Emily said...

Great news! I am so glad you had an amazing day.

It really is a yo-yo. I think I have had about 10 different emotions today alone.

Thinking of you and your embies!

Gorgeous pics - thanks for sharing.

musicmakermomma said...

So happy for you! Glad you went through the worry if it gained you 5 more embies! You are handling this stress so well; glad you were able to let go for a bit and enjoy Colorado. Praying everything will look good tomorrow!

retro girl said...

That's great news about the additional embryos! Great job on the follow up. I'm so jealous of the beautiful scenery...and the sunshine! It was so dark here in Michigan yesterday that I had to keep all the lights on in the house all day I really appreciated your pics. They are probably the only sunshine I will see until April :-).

DAVs said...

Wow--that is really great news. This cycle is turning out to be magical for you for sure!

Katrina said...

So pleased for you I could cry.

Trish said...

Great news Lisa - beautiful pics.