Monday, November 10, 2008

Bad Day in Denver (by DH)

Just a quick entry by David on Lisa's behalf to udpate everyone on a particularly bad day.

Lisa did ultrasound and bloodtest this morning with no problem (10:15 and 10:30) and from there went straight to her IVF physical.

While she was in there, she had a panic attack (there's a long history of medical phobia that Lisa overcame to get this far... she can tell you about it some other time). As she was getting her abdominal exam, she passed out (on the exam table). I was able to hold her on the table until she came around gasping for breath.

After that she couldn't get settled and we stayed in the exam room for about an hour with cold cloths and ice packs, trying to feel better. Then she got violently sick (in the biohazard waste container) several times. After that she felt better, and we were able to get her out into the parking lot for some fresh air (even though they wanted us to wait for Dr. Minarez [the only doctor on site this week] to come and see her).

Not long after that our nurse came out to see how we were doing... we agreed that we'd head back to the hotel and put Lisa to bed. Once we were in the hotel, she was sick again another 4 or 5 times over the next 3 hours... and just a few minutes ago she had some soda crackers and asked me to update the blog. One additional problem (not as bad as Lisa being sick) is that I missed my backup sample today. Will have to do it tomorrow, but that's really only leaving 2 days before probable surgery, still enough, but cutting it close.

We're still waiting for the call from our nurse to give us tonight's dosage, and poor Lisa's not really up for a needle, and she's afraid it's the drugs that are making her sick. She's almost feeling like we should just stop, but can't give up after coming this far. Dr. Minarez assures us that it's not the drugs causing the illness.
Dr. Minarez wants to see Lisa tomorrow, and we have to see the psychologist tomorrow as well (because of the fainting) before we can proceed with the cycle.

So it's been a bad day, and bracing for a worse night (with the needle), and more blood tests and appointments in the morning. Hopefully Lisa can get some sleep.


Nikki said...

Hi Dave,

Thanks for updating us on Lisa's status. I am so so sorry about the panic attack episode. I hope she feels better soon, and I hope you both can put all this behind you with outstanding results from this cycle at CCRM.

I'm rooting real hard for you guys and will say an extra prayer for Lisa and you tonight.

Take care of her and yourself.

Christi said...

Hi hubby! another ccrmer here

Thanks for updating. I hope she is feeling better soon.

Don't stress over the sample, my husband didn't do his until 2 days before either.

I'm thinking of you both!!!

Erin said...

Hi Dave,

I'm so sorry to hear Lisa had a rough day. You're so very sweet to post on her behalf.

Wishing her a speedy recovery and strength to get through the next few days. Poor thing!!


Polly Gamwich said...

Oh thank you Dave for updating us,

Take good care of your precious wife ... I struggle with panic attacks too and they are no fun - I don't think I've had mine combined with vomiting ... that just has to be plain MISERABLE!!!

I hope that this fades quickly and becomes a distant memory.

DAVs said...

Oh poor Lisa.
I'm really sorry for all of this.

My only advice to you is to trust your heart and instincts. If it feels too overwhelming to continue, don't beat yourself up or force it. But, I'm really pulling for you and hoping you feel better very soon!

Lost in Space said...

Oh, dear, sweet Lisa. Huge huge hugs to you. I can't imagine going through an IVF cycle with a medical phobia. You have such a strong will and desire, my friend. I wish I could give you a giant hug and let you know it will all be okay. Know that you are in my thoughts and I am sending you strength and love as you move forward.

Thanks for the update, Dave. Hope you are both able to get some rest and that the injection tonight and appointments tomorrow are much easier than today.

Grace and Sadie said...

Hi Lisa...
We hope you are feeling better and that you will be well enough to go to the hospital today.

We love you....
Grace and Sadie

Emily said...

Oh no! I am so sorry to hear that today was such a bad day. Sounds like you are taking good care of her though - she is a lucky girl!

I am thinking of you both!

Hoping Tomorrow will be better...

Anonymous said...

Dave, how sweet you are to update Lisa's site. I know exactly how she must feel. I have a terrible phobia too of needles, etc. Luckily, it's gotten better after 2 IVF's. My trick is to close my eyes and have someone distract me by talking to me whenever I have any procedure done. Otherwise, I'd faint too. Let us know how it works out. I'm sure it'll be just fine! --from Lisa's anonymous IVF friend.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! That was a terrible, terrible day for you both. Don't give up, Lisa!!!! You can do it!!!!!

Dave, you get a gold star for being the best DH ever--keep up the good work!

We're all crossing our fingers for success in a few days!

--another internet IVF friend (also in Seattle)

musicmakermomma said...

Dave and Lisa - hoping all the bad part is behind you and it is smooth sailing from now on! Take care of each other.

Rebecca said...

I came across your blog by way of MamaSoon's blog. I'm sorry for the tough day both of you had.

I know you don't know me, but my husband and I are in Denver right now cycling at CCRM as well. (Our retrieval will likely be Friday or Saturday.) If you need help with anything - someone to run to the store and pick up more crackers or even just someone to commiserate with - please let me know, and hubby and I would be happy to help. If you e-mail me at momto3dogs (at) yahoo (dot) com, I'll reply with my cell number.

Lisa said...

Lisa, sending you and Dave big hugs. I'm so sorry to hear what a bad day you had. Hopefully you got some good sleep and are feeling better this morning. Hang in there, you're in the home stretch!