Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sick and Tired!

Isn't it ironic that you wait and wait and wait to be pregnant, and then you finally are, but you are so sick that you can barely enjoy it?

Mind you, I'm not complaining. I'm happy to be feeling queasy all day long, because it eases my mind that this is actually working! And feeling tired gives me a great excuse to nap!

It’s less than a week to go before we go for our first ultrasound, and we are super excited, if not still a little nervous. We just want everything to be okay, to see a sac and hear a healthy strong heartbeat. I'm quite sure we are only having one, but the possibility of twins is getting us excited. The anticipation of the what we will see (or not see) on the ultrasound is both thrilling and terrifying. But it won't be long now! Either way, we will find out Monday.

On that note CCRM has started weaning me from some of my drugs, and also suggested that we find an OBGYN and schedule our first appointment. I was kind of thinking that we wouldn't be looking for OB's, until after the ultrasound, but she recommended starting now. And since we are completely clueless as to our options, we are getting started on some internet research and are thinking of visiting a few places this weekend to get a feel for things. It's all so new and exciting. We are trying not to get ahead of ourselves until the ultrasound, but it's becoming impossible at this point.

I just hope this all-day nausea eases up enough for us to enjoy the upcoming holiday food. Although I have a hunch I'll be spending most of Christmas in the bathroom (sorry moms and dads). But as long as that gets us closer to a baby, then who am I to complain.

Bring it on!


Christi said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well. Have you tried any of the typical things? the two things that helped me the most are eating little bits ALL day long and lifesavers. hope you feel better.

Anonymous said...

Ah... the nausea... enjoy it... Enjoy every minute of it. You deserve it. After all that you have been through, you deserve the peace that it brings you. Hope the ultrasound takes away some of your fears!

Anonymous said...


Feel nauseated it is a great sign! The sicker you feel, the better it is :-) It means that your pregnancy hormones are high.

It will get better in a few weeks. I always sleep through the first trimester :-).
Hang in there!

Anniep said...

Ugh on the nausea... no advice either- nothing worked for me! All I could really handle was applesauce, teddy grahams and water. I think it's finally on it's way out after the entire first tri. *sigh*
Definitely make an OB appt asap, they fill up quickly (because of all those fertiles).
It's hard to enjoy being so sick, isn't it? But I am, and I know you are, too. :-)

MamaSoon said...

Hi there,
I am glad all is so smooth for you even if you have a case of the barfies. :-( I am nervous about posting comments lately cause you said you were going to stop blogging. Have you changed your mind? Hey, I got two embies rescued on the second day like you had some rescued. I so believe in that lab too!

Nikki said...

Good luck with your u/s next week! I'm sorry for the nausea - but I'm sure it's worth it! :-)

Good luck with your OB search!

Anonymous said...

Coming out of lurkdom to wish you the best of luck on Monday. Anything is possible. Your betas are higher than mine were & my twin girls are asleep upstairs. Your early nausea could be indicative of multiples. And, my first ultrasound at 7 weeks showed one healthy heartbeat. One week later, we were shocked to see her healthy twin appear.

Anonymous said...

If you start getting really, really can't keep food down sick, which can happen with sure to ask for Zofran. I can testify that it's totally safe for use in pregnancy, as three healthy children thunder around the house as I write this. It once was extremely expensive but has become available as a generic.

I have found some OBs, even other women, to be extremely hostle about treating women with severe morning sickness. Hopefully this is some minor sickness that will pass but if you are pregnant with multiples, you could be in for some more serious stuff. Insist on respectful treatment and don't take no for an answer. Nausea can be emotionally tough & physically harmful to both mother and child (ren) so read up and ask for what you need. If you don't get it, switch doctors.

On a happier note, have you let yourself go to Pottery barn Kids or Merry Go round yet? Merry Go Round in Bellevue has all the fun strollers. Take DH and make a day of it!

Annie from Seattle

Heavy heart said...

All the best for your ultrasound.. from what I have heart..a salt cookie first thing in the morning and food at regular intervals helps to control the nausea..take care

Anonymous said...

I know it's not fun, but I can totally understand wanting to feel at least a little sick to know for sure that something is happening. So I take this as a great sign and I can't WAIT to hear the results of your ultrasound on Monday!!

Emily said...

Hey! I just wanted to wish you congrats, and good luck with your ultrasound! Mine is on Tuesday Dec 16th.

We too have MFI (1% morphology, low motility, low count). Our second IVF/ICSI (antagonist protocol) also got us our first blasts, and first BFP. I am 6 weeks 6 days today. I'm going to try to send you an invite to my blog. Hope to see you there soon!

Linda said...

Although I know that you are not feeling well, I take it as a great sign! I don't have any experience with "morning" sickness, but I do get extremely nauseous after ER. I know it's not fun. Hang in there. Hopefully it'll pass soon. Good luck on Monday! I can't wait to see how many you've got in there! :)

Kris said...

I am so sorry you are not feeling well, but it is well worth the price you are paying:) I hope that you are feeling better soon and that you sail right through the first trimester!

babydust81 said...

Hi Lisa,

How are you doing? Sorry you are so sick. But this is a good sign that the pregnancy is going well right? So enjoy every minute of it.

Pls rest well and eat. Eat small, regular meals. I guess that should help with the nausea. There's nothing much I can help here as I myself have not experience any.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Jill said...

Good luck on your upcoming u/s tomorrow! Sorry you haven't been feeling well. Hope things get better for you!

Heavy heart said...

Hey.. to divert you from all the nausea I tagged you! Do it when you can or feel like!

Polly Gamwich said...

GL on today's U/S ... looking forward to some beautiful pics!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lisa, it's 2:30 and you haven't posted anything about the ultrasound. I am trying not to panic for you. I am sending the strongest, most positive vibes EVER. Please update us when you can. I hope, hope, hope for the best possible news.

Nikki said...

I've also been looking for your update all day.

Sending you strong positive vibes. Good luck!!