Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Crazy Train is Leaving the Station!

After a flurry of rushing around, we are all set to hit the road. Dave's dad booked our flights on his air miles (thank you Jim!), my Aunt is coming to watch our dog (thx Aunt Helen!), vacation days have been approved, hotel is booked, car rental confirmed. All systems are go!

Some of you might be asking, why Colorado -- that sounds expensive??? You got that right!

But after researching and consulting with three top fertility doctors, we have chosen to go to CCRM for our final IVF cycle. They have the best stats in the whole country, and Dr. Schoolcraft and his lab are also said to be the best you can get. So, if he can't get me pregnant, then nobody can! But first we have to go for our one day work-up and pass all the tests! Then, once the results come back, he can make a determination on whether he can help us or not. And hopefully make a plan. But first, it's a day full of tests, tests, and more tests. Why do I feel like I'm suddenly back in school?? And for those of you who know me and my medical phobia, you know that an entire day of this is my worst nightmare come true. So hopefully it will all be worth it. At least, that's what I keep telling myself.

Here's the run down on our upcoming whirlwind tour:
Arrive Thursday. One day work-up on Friday. Fly home Saturday.

(For those of you who aren't fluent in fertility-speak, feel free to zone out here.)

8am -- Dave to give his 'sample' for analysis. We're also having a SCSA fragmentation screen done, which we've never had before, so we're pretty excited. We're also doing antibody testing and chromatin assay, which will give us more clues to this puzzle than we've ever had before!

9am -- Baseline ultra sound and doppler. I've never had a doppler done before, so I'm very interested to learn more about the blood flow to my uterus.

9:30am - Meet with the business office. In other words -- they are going to lay out exactly how much this is all going to cost us. Don't fall off your chair, but we're expecting somewhere in the ballpark of 30-40 grand for testing and one IVF cycle!!! Somebody please kill me!

10:15am - The doctor will perform a hysteroscopy, which I am VERY freaked out about. This is basically where they insert a camera into my uterus and get a first hand look at it. To date we've only ever had ultrasounds and X-rays with dye and saline solution, all which are helpful, but can't give the doctor the exact information they need. Hopefully all is well, or we will need to schedule surgury to correct it first.

10:30am - We have a re-group meeting with the doctor to go over what he saw during the hysteroscopy, etc.

11am - We have our nurse consultation to go over all the details of our upcoming cycle. Calendars, procedures, injections, more injection training, etc. etc.

12pm - We meet with the lab, go over details, and sign consent forms.

1:30 - Blood draws for both of us. I HATE THIS PART! Oh man, and I have a feeling they need A LOT of blood. We'll be testing for hormone levels, thyroid levels, communicable diseases, genetic screening, chromosomol screening, antibody screening, immune issues, and then the standard regular work-up that they normally do.

2pm - Nurse and doctor consultation and next steps plan.

3pm -- I think we're done!

Whew! I'm tired just thinking about it. And this is on top of the thousands of other tests we've already had done. But CCRM leaves no stone unturned, and I suppose we should be thankful for that. Besides, that's what we're paying them the big bucks for.

Oh yeah, and hopefully a little thing called a BABY!


Laura Byers Day said...

Hi Lisa and Dave,
WOW. Reading your story brought back lots of memories, some amazing ones, but just as many that bring tears to my eyes and tie my stomach in knots.
I know there are no words that make any difference, and we certainly can't begin to understand the personal journey you guys are going through.
I admire your strength, courage and fantastic sense of humour - you CANNOT get through this process without all of those.
I'm a firm believer in the power of knowledge, and in advocating for what you want and what you need. You seem to have all of that down! :-)
We'll keep everything crossed that it works for you this time. Hang in there!!
Laura and Bryan from Singapore

Lisa said...

Thx Laura and Bryan!
It's so comforting to hear other stories and just knowing that you guys have been through it and were able to get twins is such an inspiration and gives us hope!! Maybe we'll all get to see each other again some day if we're ever visiting home at the same time.
Take care xo