Monday, September 15, 2008

Sharing Our Journey

Where do I even start? And why start now? Especially since we're on the last leg of our fertility journey?

Maybe because it's been a long lonely difficult road. One that we tried to keep to ourselves, because hey, who wants to scream from the rooftops that they can't have a baby? Who wants to share all the trials and tribulations of peeing on 18 thousand sticks, being poked and prodded month after month, and scheduling love-making with a plastic cup in a sterile room. Not to mention all the crazy highs and lows, the days I can't stop crying, the pangs of jealousy, fits of anger, and of course the ultimate hole of depression (which I must admit, I've fallen into more than once.) The truth is, infertility sucks! And it just gets more difficult with every day that passes.

But we're lucky. We have friends and family who love and support us. I've discovered a whole on-line network of women who are struggling with the exact same thing day after day that will commiserate with me in my hour of need. And we still love each other more than anything in the world. So even though we're nearing the end of this long miserable road, we still have a long way to go. And we're not hiding anymore. It is what it is. Warts and all. It's been over three LONG years of trying to conceive for us, and we have decided to give it one last shot.

We thought you might like to come on the journey with us....



Kerry and Anne said...

Dave and Lisa.. This is some adventure you have been and are going on .Kerry and I Send our very best hopes, wishes,prayers and finger crosses and yes hugs .. We have 4 invetro grandkids so we do know it works after Many tries.. Gook Luck Aunt Anne and Uncle Kerry

Lisa said...

Thx Anne and Kerry! It's hard to beleive you have 4 IVF grandchildren! Just knowing that gives me so much hope that this can work.