Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dr. Schoolcraft is Hilarious!

He's so deadpan.

But in a good funny kind of way!

It actually amazes me that he is a world renowned fertility doctor, because you soooooo wouldn't know it from talking to him on the phone. He's quiet and reserved and doesn't toot his own horn. He tells it exactly like it is, and no more. At times there is dead space on the phone while he waits patiently for you to ask him a question. He doesn't ramble on, or give long winded explanations, or go into any more detail than necessary. He says what he has to and that's all. Then he waits. Waits for you to ask questions. Waits for the conversation to come to an end. At points I am really hoping he'll take control of the conversation, delve into some amazing facts, tell me about similar success stories, or brag about his ability and lab. But he does none of that. It actually puts me at ease in a weird way. I don't want somebody blowing sunshine up my @ss. I don't want all the hype and smoke and mirrors. He's confident, very patient and willing to wait out any silence while I get together my thoughts, doesn't mind answering all my stupid questions, and seems to allow the patient some input into the treatment plan.

He's completely different than I thought he would be. But I like him. And by the way, he's given me an A+ so far for some of our test results. My uterus looks great. My hormone levels are excellent. My AMH is exactly where it should be. Now we are just awaiting some of the more complicated tests. Antibodies, chromosomes, sperm DNA. But so far, so good. And we meet with Dr. Schoolcraft (aka Dr. Stork) in another couple of weeks for the final verdict.

Can't wait!


Nikki said...

We loved him too! Absolutely no frills, no big drum he's beating about himself or anything! Completely honest and clean!

Anonymous said...

It's such a relief to find a doctor like Schoolcraft. He makes such a complicated, emotional process manageable, through his easy conversations and patience. Every nurse at CCRM that we've worked with is wonderful except ours - we have a dud!

Sunshine said...

If you have a dud for a nurse, you should let the staff in charge know. This is an important emotional experience and the last thing you need is an unsympathetic nurse!

Anonymous said...

Amen! LOVE him! I did say to him how I didn't know how he could possibly improve his stats. He said he wouldn't be happy until he didn't have to give even one patient a no. Now that is a doctor who cares! He even remembered my son's name and squeezed my shoulder on the way out of the regroup and told me to tell him hi fom him! Impressive!