Monday, September 22, 2008

Next Steps

Many of you have been asking me what happens next? How long do we have to wait to start our cycle now that the one-day workup is over?

Well, here's the deal...

We should be receiving test results over the next few weeks. Some tests will come back in a few days. Some will take up to ten days. Once all the tests are back, Dr. Schoolcraft will review everything and make his official diagnosis and treatment protocol. And in the meantime, I need to get even more tests done!

Next tests:

* Tuesday Sept. 23 -- Follow-up Appointment with Dr. Schoolcraft (by phone) to discuss my one-day work-up.

* Sometime next week (Date TBA) -- Complete physical & breast exam -- results need to be faxed to CCRM.

* Tuesday Oct. 30th -- Pap & Endometrial Biopsy with local clinic -- results need to be faxed to CCRM.

* Somewhere around Oct. 8 -- Day 3 Bloodwork with local clinic -- I will need to freeze and ship the blood directly to CCRM for testing.

* Oct. 16 -- Regroup Appointment with Dr. Schoolcraft to discuss official diagnosis and protocol plan.

And then, hopefully, we can set our calendar and move forward! If all goes well, I'm hoping to cycle November/December. I just hope I can get it all in before Christmas, because if not, I won't be able to start until the New Year. The clinic closes down for 2 weeks over the holidays and won't take a chance that my ER or ET falls during those dates. So keep your fingers and toes crossed!

Now, on with the show....


Nikki said...

Wow - you have a lot of follow ups with Dr Sch! I have had none since my one day work up. Only my nurse calls me :(

Good luck on getting everything in place. I have also been running around getting my blood tests done, and setting my appts for my annual etc, so your list sounds completely familiar.

I look forward to your updates!

Lisa said...

Hey Nikki,

We asked for follow-up's specifically with Dr. Sch. So we have to pay extra for them. But I feel it's worth it because I don't want anything falling through the cracks with our cycle. So, if you feel you need to talk to him, just call and make an appointment at any time and they will accommodate you :)

Good luck to you too!!
The joys, huh?