Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dr. Schoolcraft, aka. miracle worker

Cooper got to meet Dr. Schoolcraft yesterday. And he said, "thank you for making me Dr. Schoolcraft." He he he. Okay, so we coached him beforehand, but it was pretty cute to hear a little two year old come out with it. We got a quick picture of them together, and then whisked him out of the room (with grandpa) so Dave and I could sit down for our regroup with Dr. Miracleworker. We wanted to discuss our cycle, ask some questions, and talk about our estimated trigger date. Last cycle we had 28 eggs exracted and only 14 mature, so about a 50% maturity rate, which was lower than our usual 80%. So we wanted to ask him about this and find out his plan for triggering me this time around. We also wanted to request John Stevens as our embryologist if he is working the day of our retreival, since he is also a minor celebrity in our home.

Based on our results, Dr. Schoolcraft is going for the slow cook this time and hoping to trigger me on Saturday. It could change, based on how I continue to respond, but so far things are looking good.

Day 7 Ultrasound and Bloodwork Results:
Right Ovary - 10 to 14 follicles
Left Ovary - 9 follicles
Largest = 16mm
Average = 12mm
E2 = 2077; P4 = .43; LH = 4

Day 8 Ultrasound and Bloodwork Results
Right Ovary: 10 follicles
Left Ovary: 7 follicles
Largest = 16
Average = 13.5
E2 = 2755; P4 = .5; LH = 3

I also did my IVF physical and prepped for retrieval today.

From Day 7 to Day 8, my follicles and E2 did not grow very much. I was actually fairly surprised! So today, Dr. Schoolcraft kept me on the same lower dose tonight, is not going to bother monitoring me tomorrow, and wants the same dose again tomorrow night. Then back for Day 10 monitoring on Saturday -- my estimated trigger date!

I'm starting to feel really really yucky, completely exhausted, and full! Basically, I'm ready to be done. But I still have a few more days to go. I've been urged to drink as much water as I can and get enough rest so I don't hyperstimulate like last time. So that's what I'm doing.

Onward and Upward. Come on follies, let's do this thing!

PS -- Did I mention it went from 85 degrees and sunny to a winterwonderland here in Denver?

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Linda said...

I remember drinking lots and lots of Gatorade and eating salt and vinegar chips. As someone who had OHSS and was hospitalized for 8 days (not at CCRM but at my local clinic), I never want to go through that again. You're doing great! Grow eggies grow!