Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Suppression Check -- All Systems Go!

Today we drove to London for our suppression check. It was like falling back into an old familiar pattern.

Arm out for blood draw. Check.
Pants off for wand up my you know what. Check.
Ah, the joys of un-natural conception.

The good news is that I passed my suppression check on my first go-round this time. Always a stressful and not so successful moment for me. But today is was easy sailing, clear skies head, all systems go. Which means I start my stims tomorrow and fly to Denver on Sunday.

Wow! This is all finally really happening!

Today’s stats are as follows:

Estrogen – 284 What they like to see – Less than 50. Not so great, obviously I’ve way high, but not surprising as I’ve been doing estrogen priming. But still, a little concerning to me as I like to start off on a better foot. The nurse hopes it will drop quickly now that I’ve gone off it. My last cycle in Denver had me starting at and E2 of 20, which was pretty much perfect.

Progesterone – 0.6 What they like to see – Less than 1. Right on target! My last cycle in Denver had me at 0.2, which was also good.

So far this cycle, I have 13 resting antralfollicles on right, 6 on the left for a total of 18. Not bad, not great. My left always gives me less, but I was hoping for a little more than 6, since this is such a numbers game for us. But still, nothing to sniff at either and anything can happen once I start stims tomorrow. It’s still anybody’s game. Just as a comparison, my last cycle in Denver I started with a resting count of 21 and by the time retrieval came, they were able to harvest around 28.

So for three years later, I have to say this report ain't too shabby. And at least I passed my suppression check on the first go round this time as opposed to three takes on my last cycle and about a million on my cycle before that, which they ultimately canceled.
We are headed in the right direction. Denver bound. Tickets booked. Hotel booked. Rental car all ready to go.

Mile High city, ready or not -- here we come!


justagirl-Krista said...

Great news! I have had many cancelled cycles due to cysts too. Can't wait to see you things go, Good Luck in Denver!

Jill M. said...

So excited for you! I also have a blonde, blue-eyed, little miracle boy thanks to CCRM! It took 4 IVFs to conceive him, but oh was he worth every ounce of it. He's now 15 months.

I often wonder if I'll ever go back for a sibling. I would love a sibling, but undecided at this time if I'll go to the lengths it would take.

I was wondering if you would share a few things. I'd love to hear about your one day workup. Do you have to repeat all tests the 2nd time around and has any of the testing changed? Have your stats changed much? As far as cycling, anything new at CCRM? Has the cost of the cycle/drugs gone up?

Following along, hoping for that miracle sibling!


Lisa said...

Hi Jill! I'll post the stats of my one day work-up when I get the chance. But basically not much changed, which was great! Yes, unfortunately you have to do all the testing again if it's been over a year. I was bummed, it seemed like such a pain in the butt. But on the other hand, it gave us the information the doctor needed to make my current (and hopefully) successful protocol. And we're glad we did it!