Saturday, October 29, 2011

Some Bad News on Day 9

Just got the call from the nurse expecting to get the go-ahead to trigger tonight... but unfortunately that's not what happened.

My E2 has skyrocketed up to 6500 (from 2700 two days ago) which now puts me at risk for hyperstimulation, and puts the fresh transfer cycle at risk. If my E2 stays this high, they will still do egg retrieval and fertilize the mature eggs, then freeze the embryos at day 3 or 5, and we'll need to do a frozen transfer in a month or two.
Not continuing with the fresh transfer and all the associated drugs is the best path to avoiding OHSS (which can be very severe), so the frozen transfer would be the safest, though less than ideal path.

My follicles looked good today - had 18 that were measured, all in the 15 to 22 mm range (all likely mature). But I'm upset with myself for accepting the "no monitoring" break that I got yesterday - I was happy not to have the blood test, but I knew I should have insisted on getting the test, then maybe we could have made the change to avoid the high E2.

So now I'm "coasting" tonight... still taking the Cetrotide and the Dexamethasone, but no stims tonight, then more monitoring tomorrow. Hopefully my E2 will have come back down to acceptable levels without the stimulation drugs tonight.

I'm feeling very rough too - very full in the ovaries and just generally feeling rotten, always on the verge of barfing. Glad I'm not stimming tonight, but wish I was triggering.

Day 9:
Right Ovary - 11 to 15 follicles
Left Ovary - 7 to 11 follicles
Largest = 22mm
Average = 17mm
E2 = 6518; P4 = 1.5; LH = 5.5

I'm just hoping I can avoid having to go to the hosptial and that my eggs don't overmature by coasting for a day longer. Not to mention, I'm crossing every finger I have that we can proceed with a fresh transfer. A frozen transfer is almost certainly the death of hope for us, considering our history.


Danielle said...

I'm thinking of you constantly Lisa and sending you my prayers tonight!

Linda said...

Oh Lisa, I know you must be disappointed but keep the faith that you are at the best clinic; just look at your miracle Cooper! I've had to coast all 3 of my IVFs. I was worried about overcooking my eggs, as my ER date has always been at least a couple of days past the estimated date. I've read somewhere that each mature egg puts off about 150 for the E2 level. I'm sure you have more eggs than was measured. At my ERs, they've always retrieved about 10 more than they measured. And if I remember correctly, my E2 was about 5700 and I didn't hyperstim. Hang in there. Sending you a cyber hug.