Sunday, October 30, 2011

Triggering Tonight /Fresh Cycle Canceled

Well. It’s happened. Our fresh cycle has been canceled.

As with everything in life, some things are just out of our control. Some things just don't go the way we plan or want them to. And we’re left disappointed, discouraged, and wondering whether there was anything we could have done to get a different outcome. It’s certainly not over yet, and there is always still hope, but I can’t help but feel like the outcome is already sealed.

The nurse called with our numbers today and my E2 is still through the roof, even after night of coasting, about a million bottles of electrolyte water and salty foods. In fact it didn’t come down at all. It went up:

E2 – At a whopping 7794
P4 – 0.76
LH – 2.5

I’m feeling physically awful and with my E2 this high, a fresh transfer would most certainly result in hospiltization and serious complications if I was to become pregnant. So the doctor has decided upon the following course of action:

- I will trigger tonight (with LH, not HCG) to keep my E2 from climbing. Instead of one big IM shot, it will consist of two LH shots 12 hours apart. One at midnight tonight and one at noon tomorrow)

- I will have my egg retrieval surgery at Tuesday morning at 11 am.

- They will fertilize as per normal with ICSI, but instead of transferring back, they will freeze our embryos. And we will do a transfer at a later date. Which means another cycle prep, more money on drugs, and another trip back out to Denver.

We’ll have to wait and see how our embryos look after the first few days as to whether they will freeze on day 3 or day 5. We’ve only ever had embryo’s live to day 5 (made blasts)once, out of all our cycles so we’re not sure how or when they will decide to freeze. Also, our embryos are so sensitive and they never look very strong, so we are very worried that they will not survive the freeze and thaw process. Luckily the lab uses vitrification to freeze which has the highest freeze and thaw survival rates possible.

I’m trying to hang onto hope that Dr. Schoolcraft is the best and this lab is the best and they know what they are doing. So if they have a chance of survival anywhere, it’s here at CCRM.

Right now we’re tying to stay focused, get ready to trigger tonight, and continue to keep me hydrated to avoid severe OHSS.

After our surgery, I’ll recover for a day or two and then we’ll be booking our tickets home early.

And once again I'm reminded that much of life is out of our control. And Whatever will be will be...

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Linda said...

I've had 1 fresh transfer, but my 1 success is from a FET. Dr. Schoolcraft told me that in general the FET is more optimal when it concerns the body's readiness to accept the embryo(s). I know you are worried but you are in the best possible hands. He is miracle worker.

My E2 was 3808 at the time of trigger (1st IVF at my local clinic). I wasn't told to drink Gatorade or eat salty foods until a day or two after ER, when I was hospitalized. It was too late. Another thing was that during ER, my local RE didn't give me an IV that staves off hyperstim. Plus, he didn't retrieve all of my eggs; left some because my ER was taking him too long & he had another patient's ER to do. So I think all those factors made me severely hyperstim.

Now at CCRM, I triggered with Lupron with the 1st cycle there & with hCG with my 2nd cycle. Oth of those times, my E2 at trigger time was higher than when I triggered at my local clinic. CCRM took all the precautions with me, even had a red sticker on my folder that said OHSS.

So with that said, I think that Dr. Schoolcraft is a genius & you couldn't be in better hands. I will be thinking about you.