Monday, October 31, 2011

A Scary E2 Halloween - Day 12

The nurse called with my Day 12 lab results, which now put my E2 over 10,000!

P4- 8.3
LH- 60.9

I'm extremely bloated, fatigued, sore tummy, and generally feeling terrible.

Surgery is set for tomorrow at 11:00am and they cannot get these eggs out soon enough.

I'm trying to stay up for sweet little Cooper, I don't want him to see me worried and sick. And I also promised him a Halloween party in the room, which I'm bound and determined to deliver on. BUt it's going to be hard to do based on how I'm currently feeling.

I'm worried about tomorrow but also relieved that it's finally here. I have no idea what condition my eggs will be in with an E2 level this high. I'm worried I've overcooked them and I'm worried many will be post mature and unusable. Mostly, I'm looking forward to getting the medication that will hopefully bring my E2 down and avoid hospitalization.

And I hope they can recover this cycle in the lab.

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Kimber said...

Oh sweetie, hang in there. It's such an up-and-down rollercoaster of a thing you're doing. You have every right to feel lousy. Cooper won't notice anyway - fill him full of candy and he'll be in his own happy little world! Our kids are resilient little creatures and he will not remember one bad day you happened to have. Be good to yourself...thinking of you.