Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 3 Labs -- All The Testing is Done!

To say that I am not a fan of blood would be the understatement of the year!

The truth is I have always fainted at the sight of it. It has been a phobia for my entire life. One that, up until last year, kept me from even stepping foot into a hospital or getting the medical help I needed. And even now, every blood test is a big production. But after all the blood tests and needles I have had over the past year, I'm finally starting to realize that I am stronger than I ever knew, and I can beat any fear that comes my way. Which regardless of how this turns out, is something that will stay with me forever.

But still. I cannot believe I just shipped a vial of my own blood from my own freezer! And, I'm quite sure, my parents will fall off their chair when they see these pictures. I've come a long way, huh dad?

For those who are curious to see me play chemist, here's low down:

First, CCRM sent me a kit containing tubes for the blood draw, freezer packs, and transfer tubes.

On day 3 of my new cycle, I took the kit and instructions to my local lab, where they drew 2 big vials of blood in the 2 red tubes, which will eventually be tested for FSH, LH, and E2 at CCRM.

We allowed for the sample to completely clot. And then had to 2 vials of blood centrifuged, and had the serum separated. The serum (which is now yellow) was placed into one of the transfer tubes labeled properly with my full name, date of birth, and date of collection.

Next I took the serum home and froze it in our freezer over the weekend because the lab must receive it on a weekday. First thing Monday morning, I called Fed-ex and arranged to have it picked up. And I got to work packing it up! I placed the frozen transfer tube into the frozen transport container, and placed the container in the styrofoam case.

I placed this in the biohazard bag. And packed the case along with frozen cold packs into the larger styrofoam box and put in the cardboard box for shipping.

And off it goes on it's ride with Fed-ex -- Denver bound!

It's still hard to believe that all the testing is finally behind me. I have been to Denver, completed the at home portion of the testing, and just packed up my Day 3 blood work, and sent it off to CCRM!

I'm done!

Oh, and about the BCP, I spoke to my nurse Jill (who I just love!) and she has called in a new prescription for a progesterone only birth control pill. I will take 2 tonight, to catch up, and (cross fingers) be back on track!

It's a good day all around.


Nikki said...

If my AF would show up, I could get going with my CD3 blood collection and shipping as well! (Except my lab here says they will send it themselves to CCRM) But thanks for the pictures - I was wondering what goes where in that freezer container CCRM gave us!

Yay on getting your BCP issue sorted out. Hopefully you'll be ok with the new pills.

Good luck!

mom and dad said...

Hi Lisa
Your dad and I couldn't believe the picture of you smiling holding your blood. You have come a long way. Stay strong and keep up the good work.We are with you 100% Love always mom and dad

Polly Gamwich said...

Just found your blog ... hello!

Looking forward to heading out to CCRM in the next couple of weeks for my day 3's and my 1 day work up ... I plan on taking care of all of it in one month.

Looking forward to watching your progress,

Anonymous said...

I had a blood phobia too but I've also come a long way. We are a lot stronger than we think we are, huh? Just close your eyes for those blood draws and they aren't too bad. Oh, and keep hydrated with a large amount of water beforehand so your veins are thick and easy to draw from. When are you coming to CO? Did you get the results of your integrin biopsy test? -Your IVF board friend.