Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Suppression Check -- Take Two

Well, as hard as I worked at it, and boy did I work at it, Aunt Flow still isn't interested in coming to this darn old party.

So that meant heading out to suppression check number two, without so much as a sign from her. I had a blood draw and ultra sound at my local clinic, and the results were faxed to CCRM for interpretation.

Then I waited for the dreaded call...


And finally, the results rolled in...

-- My Progesterone is 10.5 (last check was 19, so it has come down, but they want to see it less than 1)
-- My E2 is 206 (last check was 149, so it has gone up, and they want to see it less than 50)
-- And my cyst measured about 16mm, which seems to have gone back up a bit too.

Which means...



The whole thing was pretty disheartening. After 17 days of BCP's and 12 days of lupron my body still isn't ready to cooperate. Aunt Flow is being a royal pain in my behind. And I'm getting tired and my body is starting to feel pretty miserable. For a girl who tries to avoid needles and blood tests, I'm sure not getting off easy here.

But the good news is that Dr. Schoolcraft has decided to switch things up. So as of tomorrow I'm now changing from the long lupron protocol to the antagonist protocol. Which means, I take no lupron tonight -- hurray! -- one less needle in the million more I have to go. But I must count my blessings where they come. And tomorrow I start 4 days of antagon injections. I have another suppression check scheduled for Sunday, and hopefully, cross fingers, will get the green light to finally start stims! And if AF does decide to show up before Sunday, then I might even be able to start sooner, although not holding my breath at this point.

So all in all, my cycle has been delayed by a week and a half (with the addition of about 10 extra days of needles) and I won't be travelling to Denver until at least Nov 7th. Arrrrgh! And not only that, but this means that Dr. Schoolcraft will be at the big IVF conference right at the time in my cycle I was trying to avoid. He was sure to tell me that he does call in every day and monitors his clients numbers, so I'm feeling better, but I'm starting to wonder if all of this is a bad sign. I'm sure hoping not, and that things start to pick up soon. They have to, right? I mean surely I am about to turn some kind of corner here? Dr. Schoolcraft is on the case, and I'm going to hold out hope. This is going to be the one. It has to be!

Which brings me to the best news of the day. My antral follicle count is now 23, whereas at my last two checks it was only 15! I have no idea why my count has increased but I'll take it!!

I'll take any good news at this point.


Lost in Space said...

So sorry you are still in limbo waiting for things to suppress. You are in the most capable hands with Schoolcraft and it sounds like he is on top of it once again. (: Yay for no more Lupron (or as I like to call it - devil's drug).

Holy antral follicle count!! I wish you had a magic secret to share for that one. (:

Hang in there. Hugs.

Anniep said...

Ugh, ugh, ugh. effing body! Wouldn't it just be way too easy for it to cooperate with things? Hell-o?!!!
*hugs* to you. Honestly, I don't think him not being there woul be an issue, if it was don't you think they'd try to supress you another week or something?

I'm *very* jealous of your AFC ! WOW! That's awesome!

Polly Gamwich said...

I LOVE that avatar! too funny!!

Seriously, I agree with Annie, you're in excellent hands with Schooly - but all the doctors there are so competent.

Glad to hear there's something they can do to help move things along ... here's hoping!

Sue said...

The one time you actually want to get AF and she lets you down! I'm sorry, Lisa. I'm sure Dr. S will fix it - and, don't worry about him being out of town, it is, unfortunately, unlikely you were going to see him anyway. They seem to rotate doctors in all the time and you never know who will be doing your meds, ER or ET. I think your main doctor is just your contact doctor and the person who sets up your protocol. But, they are ALL great doctors!!!! Praying you get to go ASAP.

DAVs said...

Oh please don't say you failed! I mean I know what you mean, but you've done everything right. Trust Dr. Schoolcraft--and that's awesome that he'll still be keeping close tabs on you while at his conference.
And congrats on that antral follicle count!!

Lisa said...

Thanks ladies!
I am feeling much better today. One day off lupron and I have a whole new perspective :) I'm feeling good about my change in protocol from long lupron to antagonist and crosssing my fingers it does the trick!!! Hoping for BFP's for every single one of us. Good things are brewing. I can feel it!

Lisa said...

Sorry to hear AF hasn't appeared but I'm so glad that you're keeping the hope alive! It ain't over yet but a long shot! Lots of baby dust your way.

Linda said...

I'm also on the antagon protcol. :) Hoping and praying that this new change in protocol will do the trick!