Friday, October 24, 2008

Do not Pass Go. Do not Collect $200.

Surprise, surprise.
(Insert big eye roll)

I went for my suppression check today, and unfortunately, as I was dreading, I won't be starting stims tomorrow as planned :(

Still no sign of evil AF, but the good news is that the cyst has shrunk from 17mm to 10mm. My levels on the other hand, show that I am not suppressed. At the moment my E2 is 149 (they like to see it less than 50), and my progesterone is 19 (they like to see it less than 1).

So this means I will need to continue lupron injections for the time-being, with another suppression check scheduled for Tuesday.

More needles!!

Happy bloody Friday.
(Insert bigger, more annoyed, crankiest eye roll you can imagine)

I'm with ya, cat. I'm with ya.


Nikki said...

Oh no Lisa - I'm sorry! This sucks! I wish you all the very best for your check on Tuesday. Let's hope AF shows, the cyst goes away and the E2 and P4 behave themselves!

Sorry again!

BTW - love that cat picture! LMAO!!

DAVs said...

Damn,I'm sorry. It's always a waiting game, isn't it??
Hang in there.

Anniep said...

well, hell... now where's that voodoo ovary of mine? I'll stick some needles in it to make those damn cysts go away. Here's hoping for some better numbers next check. *fingers crossed*

Emily said...

No!!! That stinks! I am sorry. I am afraid the very same thing may happen to me b/c of all this spotting and no normal period in months stuff.

I hope you are sufficiently suppressed on Tues! Have a good weekend!

Lost in Space said...

Ughh. Huge hugs. I'm sorry it wasn't what you had hoped for. Stupid cysts and hormones that won't behave. I'm celebrating a small victory for you that you are still in the game though and that a little more Lupron will put everything right in check. Good luck on Tuesday.