Friday, October 31, 2008

Extra Extra, Read All About It!

You know your personal life has hit an all time low, when your dad calls you and asks if you got your period yet.

Perhaps a blog highlighting all the details of my reproductive cycle is just too much information! He he. But I don't care. I'm gonna scream it from the rooftops... AUNT FLO IS FINALLY HERE! And she's here with a vengeance, dressed up as the devil for Hallowe'en! And I couldn't be happier. This means I can finally (hopefully) get this show on the road!

So many things have been happening the last couple days. I started my new protocol. So far I have taken 2 injections of antagon, and I have 2 more left to go before my suppression check on Sunday. I'm telling you though, if I thought lupron was bad, this drug is pure evil. So far it has given me splitting headaches, made me feel completely ill, and given me welts and rashes at the injection site. Dr. Schoolcraft says I'm having an allergic reaction to it, and will be switching me from antagon to cetrotide tonight, which means more rushing around and money on drugs. But fingers crossed, this new injection is easier on my body and I won't get a reaction.

After coming to terms with the fact that Dr. Schoolcraft is heading out for a conference the day we arrive in Denver right through my surgery, I realized that I may not get a chance to speak with him again. And since I'm a planner, I decided to schedule a re-group appointment in anticipation of all the questions I might have as we get closer to trigger. Just to be safe! So Dave and I sat down with our list of questions, and Dr. Schoolcraft humored us as usual. He was very patient, answered all our questions, and just touching base with him made me feel more secure and confident moving forward.

He told me that BCPs and lupron had not suppressed me, and that some patients just don't respond to certain drugs. So he wanted to try antagon in order to suppress me. It works faster and is another way to keep the body from ovulating. He wants me to do 4 injections, then my suppression check, and then start stims. At least, that is the plan. He also increased my doses of stimulation medications by double the amount! I've always been a very good responder and my E2 has a tendency to get too high, but I think since I've been on suppression meds for so long, he wants to make sure that my follies start off with a bang!

Bring it on!

I suddenly have a very good feeling about all this! I think things have finally turned a corner and I am headed in the right direction. I won't know for sure until Thursday, but I'd say I'll be good to go!

Happy Halloween to everyone!

And an extra special Halloween to my friend Aunt Flo, who makes an excellent red fiery devil. Satan would be proud. Come to think of it, so would Dr. Schoolcraft -- who should really dress up as the wizard of Oz, seeing as he is the ultimate magic man behind the curtain. If I didn't have so much else going on, I would have tried to source some relevant Halloween costumes for the occasion -- Dave as a Sperm, me as an Egg.

Oh well, maybe next year. And hopefully we can dress our 'twins' up as embryos. Wouldn't that just be the cutest? But I suppose I'm getting ahead of myself here....

I think it's best if I stay home tonight anyway. I have a mind to dress up as a crazy infertile woman and go trick or treating for a baby.

Hey, you never know. I might just get lucky!


Emily said...

yay for the red devil! this post made me laugh! i am so happy you are underway.

i am doing ganirelix this cycle, but i don't start until after stims. no lupron for me and i am not missing her at all! sorry for your allergic reaction though!

happy halloween!!

DAVs said...

Let's hear it for AF finally showing up!
I did Cetrotide on my last IVF and I don't remember any horrible side effects--hoping for the same for you.
I like that he's upping your stims. Funny, I was concerned I'd be too suppressed after two months of depot Lupron and so I did the whopper doses of stimsand lo and behold, you kno w the saga of my E2!!
GOOD LUCK!!! So glad things are finally moving in the right direction!

Nikki said...

Alright! Yay for AF showing up! And LOL on her being dressed as the red devil for Halloween!

Good luck for your suppression check and I hope the antagon does it's trick.

Glad things are moving, and hope all goes well.

Anniep said...

Yeah.... isn't it nice when Dad cares that much? Wouldn't you have just about *died* if that question was asked like 18 years ago? LOL

The protocol switch sounds perfect, here's hoping for your body to cooperate on the next surpression check.
Welcome AF!!!

Polly Gamwich said...

Stealing small children on Halloween? .... COUNT ME IN!!!

Ha, ha, ha!

Love that you're on your way! Yippee!

MamaSoon said...

YAY FOR AF! Funny how something so annoying is the start of something so awesome!

Linda said...

Ok, so I just wrote you a comment and realized that I'm not signed in so it didn't get posted. But I just wanted to say that I'm on Cetrotide now (started on the 7th day of stims), and haven't had any side effects from it (knock on wood). The only thing is that they said not to take Cetrotide if you're allergic to latex. Other than that, I'm sure you'll do great on it. Good luck and I can't wait to hear your progress once you start stims!!! BTW, yay for AF! :)

Sue said...

Lisa, I am so happy you finally got AF!!! I've heard of reactions to the antogen medicines before - oh the things we do to have a baby!!! I hope you start to feel better, are wonderfully suppressed, and leave soon for Denver! I will be checking in....