Friday, October 24, 2008

The Dreaded Suppression Check

Today is all about Sing Songs, Suppression Checks, and Auntie Flow.

Otherwise known as the big 'S'!

After 8 days lupron injections, my suppression check is finally here. Of course, not without problems -- that just wouldn't be easy enough!

For those of you wondering, the purpose of the suppression check is to have an ultrasound, make sure I don't have any cysts, measure my lining and check my resting follicles. I also have my blood drawn to check my baseline hormone levels, specifically E2 and Progesterone. And if all looks good, I'm scheduled to start stimulation injections tomorrow -- the egg making part of the process, the part of this process that really gets this show on the road!

But my road my not lead anywhere but to a dead end or more laps around the track first:

PROBLEM #1 -- As of 8 days ago, I had an ultrasound that showed a 17mm cyst. This is very uncommon after taking BCP's because normally you would expect everything to be dormant. So this could be very bad news for me. It's unlikely that a cyst would shrink in 8 days, which makes me very nervous that it will still be there.

PROBLEM #2 -- As of this morning, AF has still yet to rear her ugly head! I stopped taking BCP's on Monday, so technically I should have gotten my period before today's suppression check, which would flush out the old and allow me to start fresh with a new lining, not to mention help flush away that ugly cyst who could still be lurking around. I've been doing everything I can think of to bring her on -- abdominal massages, feet up on the wall to increase blood flow to my uterus, castor oil packs on my abdomen to pull out toxins and help blood flow -- to no avial. I have even resorted to putting on my favorite pair of sexy undies and parading around the house in stark white pants. If that won't bring the stubborn witch to town, I don't know what will!

Dave spoke to our nurse this morning, who told him that I should go for my suppression check anyway, even if I don't get my period before my appointment. She said that we will likely still move forward with this cycle, assuming that:

- My is E2 is >50
- My Progesterone is <1
- There is no cyst >15mm

But she also said the cycle could be delayed or canceled if:

- My cyst has grown or is the same size.
- I have bad E2 levels
- I have bad progesterone levels

So of course, we're biting our nails, trying to stay calm, and coax dear Aunt Flow out of her shell with a good old fashioned sing along.

I'm trying to remember that my doctor knows what's best. But I can't help but worry that I am starting off on a less than desirable foot. That my perfect cycle is unraveling at the hinges...

But it's not over yet! I still have 4 hours to try to get AF to come out and play, as I parade around in my white pants, singing ever so joyfully, 'cyst cyst go away, come again some other day'.

Stay tuned...

And keep singing!


DAVs said...

Forget the white pants, POAS. You know that always does the trick! :)

Seriously, I am sorry things aren't starting out super smooth for you, but hopefully that Lupron did the trick and that cyst is gone gone gone.

Fingers crossed for good hormones levels, too.

Emily said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope AF arrives ASAP and most of all, I hope this is your BFP cycle!

trish said...

The white pants - love that you have your sense of humour. I hope AF comes soon. I will be singing all night!

Sue said...

I hope everything goes well! I didn't have a cyst but the lupron made me almost a week late for AF and so also late for my suppression check. Everything had to shift for my trip to CCRM - it wasn't the worst thing that can happen (though rough at the time). I hope all goes well...maybe the cyst is on the way out (I swear by those castor oil packs!). Oh, and sometimes the hormone changes with AF force the cyst out! I hope all looked well. I'll check back!

Nikki said...

It is now more than 4 hours since your post. Is she here? Any sign? I'm done with her in my house - and am sending her right over to you!

Did you have your suppression check already? I hope it went well! Let us know.

Kimber said...

Girl, you make me giggle. Even in the midst of a serious day in your life you keep your sense of humour rolling. I never thought I'd wish Auntie Flow on anyone...but...let's get that wench goin'! Although if white pants don't do it, nothing will!

Thinking of you guys. Even if today doesn't go well, there's always next month, right?